The fourth wave of Covid-19 broke out in Nghe An in mid-June. Only 2 months later, there were 21 affected localities with a total number of infections up to 1800 cases with the highest number of infected cases in areas such as Vinh City, Yen Thanh, Dien Chau, Nam Dan, Cua Lo, Nghi Loc...

Goertek Vina Precision Industrial Factory Project is located at WHA Industrial Park in Nghi Long Commune, Nghi Loc District, Nghe An Province - which is also significantly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Facing with this emergency situation, the Board of Directors of HopLuc Construction Joint Stock Company cooperated with Goertek Vina Construction Site Management Board to quickly implement measures to prevent the epidemic in a methodical and drastic way.

The "3-on-site" method (on-site production - on-site eating - on-site resting) in order to perform dual tasks: ensuring production and business while preventing epidemics, was immediately applied by HopLuc. With a quick response, the Site Management Board has arranged "3-on-site " in a short time. Concentrated accommodation for workers is arranged in rows; meals are organized at workshops with nutritious rations; bathroom and toilet areas are installed to serve daily living needs.

With a large number of technical staff and workers, the risk of infection in the project is very large. Therefore, the management board has implemented strict epidemic prevention measures such as: controlling all vehicles entering and leaving the site, everyone is checked for body temperature daily, the site management team cooperates with Quang Khoi General Hospital to take samples for testing regularly, well implementing the distance and 5K regulations of the Ministry of Health… Especially, the vaccination was also implemented quickly. Up to now, most of the technical staff have received the first injection.

In addition to a strict epidemic prevention and control method, construction works are being urgently implemented. In difficult times, the company still have to show the capacity. Schedule - Quality must still be guaranteed. Safety always comes first. Goertek Vina Site Management Board always maintains a ready and confident attitude to overcome challenges.