Design & Build Contractor – Hop luc


HopLuc Construction Joint Stock Company is primarily engaged in two fields, including industrial construction and civil construction.

Our strength comes from a group of passionate employees who are dedicated to the general contractor field. The best evidence of HopLuc's unrelenting efforts, sense of responsibility, dedication, and exceptional construction capability can be found in the high-quality projects it has completed for major clients like SAMSUNG, LUXSHARE-ICT, BYD, and GOERTEK, to name a few.

With all the passion and responsibility in our work, we have steadily been providing the highest level of trust and value to our customers.

Fields of Operation

Design, build, and finish industrial works with sustainable quality and value.

Design, build, and finish civil works such as office buildings, dormitories, and many other civil projects.

Construct technical and traffic infrastructure to meet customer needs and the general development of the community.

Construct irrigation, treatment, and drainage works to ensure that discharge standards are met according to state regulations.


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