M&E General Contractor – Hop luc


HopLuc Mechanical and Electrical Joint Stock Company, founded in 2020, is one of the key players in the HopLuc ecosystem, with a mission to provide customers with specialized solutions and services in the field of M&E design and installation and an investment of over 100 billion VND.

With years of accumulated experience, a team of highly qualified human resources, and the application of the most advanced and modern technologies, we have expanded our market presence while building our reputation and credibility with customers in a variety of industries, such as electronics, textiles, dying, leather, footwear, etc., to make HopLuc M&E General Contractor what it is today. In 2023, the revenue of HopLuc Mechanical and Electrical Joint Stock Company is approximately 31 million USD.

Fields of Operation

Design, supervise, construct, & install electrical systems, lines, substations under 110Kv, extra-low voltage systems, electrical control.

Design, supervise, construct, and install chiller systems, clean room, natural ventilation, air conditioning system.

Design, supervise, construct and install water supply & drainage systems, treatment of wastewater

Design, supervise, construct and install fire protection and emergency ventilation systems for class-1 factories

Design, supervise, construct and install industrial machinery and equipment, production lines, large pipeline systems


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