HopLuc consecutively wins construction bids in early 2022


HopLuc has started 2022 with significant events, promising a prosperous Year of Tiger.

HopLuc, confident as the leading company in the industrial construction field with countless projects across Vietnam, has enhanced its status in recent years by consecutively gaining strong credibility from investors and defeating formidable competitors to officially become Design and Build Contractor of such large projects as Sunny Opotech Vietnam Factory (2nd phase), Victory Thai Thuy Factory, and Texhong Ngan Quang Factory

Project Information

Project: Texhong Ngan Quang Factory

Location: Texhong Hai Ha IP, Quang Ninh Province

Land area: 193,754m2

Total floor area: 121,403m2 (1st phase)

Scope of work: Design and Build Contractor

Commencement date: December 15th, 2021

Nhà máy Texhong Ngân Quang

On the other note, HopLuc further wrote the story of the 2022 journey by continually winning the construction bid for Sunny Opotech Vietnam Factory (2nd phase). This significant event marked the second cooperation between Hop Luc Construction Joint Stock Company and the investor - Sunny Opotech Vietnam Co., LTD.

Project information

Project: Sunny Opotech Vietnam Factory (2nd phase)

Location: Yen Binh IP, Thai Nguyen Province

Land area: 60,200m2

Total floor area: 37,441m2 (2nd phase)

Scope of work: Design and Build Contractor

Commencement date: January 13th, 2022

nhà máy sunny opotech

The next project in the Project series announced by HopLuc was “Victory Thai Thuy” - a “big man” in the footwear and leather industry.

Project information

Project: Victory Thai Thuy Factory

Location: My Xuyen Industrial Clusters, Thai Binh Province

Land area: 79,779m2

Total floor area: 44,360m2

Scope of work: Main contractor

Commencement date: January 3rd, 2022

“The first step is always the hardest”, HopLuc believes that such impressive starts will be a stepping stone for HopLuc’s rise in 2022 as well as the journey to conquer its goals ahead.