Recruitment in May 2017

HOP LUC CONSTRUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY is general contractor in the field of industrial and civil construction, traffic works, infrastructure, etc. national-wide. For years, Hop Luc has been doing plenty of big projects with strictly requirements of progress rate, quality as well as appearance, most of which are projects invested by foreign investors. Therefore, the Company has been ceaselessly developing with a high and stable speed for ages and simultaneously become a prestigious general design and build contractor in industrial construction projects of foreign investor and a dependable partner of multinational corporations of construction, like Samsung, Daewoo, Posco, Sumitomo,… In order to meet the requirements of human resource for current projects and future plans of development, Hop Luc Construction Joint Stock Company pressingly recruits the following positions:

  1. Site Engineer
    Vacancy: 10
    – Graduating from college, university with the major of civil engineering, industrial construction engineering and bridge and road construction engineering of the following schools: National University of Civil Engineering, Architectural University, Military Technical Academy, University of Transport and Communications

– Having at least 2-year- experience at equivalent positions

– Giving priority to candidates who have worked in foreign invested projects in which English is used

– Being honest and hard-working

  1. Structural engineering – Vacancies: 02

Job description:
– Designing structure for civil and industrial projects.
– Analyzing geological survey documents in order to work out appropriate methods of foundation
– Ensuring that structural items have enough load-bearing capacity and stability.
– Conducting analysis with a view to choosing an economical and solid structural method.
– Coordinating with related engineers (geological, mechanical & electrical, architectural engineers) to ensure that the document is coherent and economical.

– Ensuring working progress rate.
– Dissecting work volume.
– Graduating from university with the major of civil engineering and industrial construction engineering. Giving priority to candidates graduating from National University of Civil Engineering, Architectural University, and Military Technical Academy

– Having at least 2-year- experience at equivalent positions.
– Giving priority to candidates who have experience in the field of designing factory.
– Being skilled at specialized software (Cad, Sap 2000, Etab….)
– Being able to note for drawing in English.
– Giving priority to candidates who are able to communicate in English.
– Having a good attitude and being responsible for the work.
– Being able to work independently and being good at team work as well.
– Being able to work under pressure.

  1. Water engineer– Vacancy: 01
    Job description:
    – Designing water systems for civil and industrial buildings

– Dissecting and estimating detail work execution volume for each item in accordance with approved design document.
– Some other specific requirements will be exchanged in the interview.
Professional qualification:
– Graduating from university with the major of Water Supply and Sewerage.
– Having experience (at the recruitment position): 3 or more than 3 years
– Requirements of knowledge and skills: Having professional knowledge and experience in designing, dissecting volume, putting in an estimate for tenders and execution of water tender.
Other requirements:
Giving priority to candidates who are able to basically communicate in English, being able to design and create bid document of water
Being honest, enthusiastic at work, and able to work independently.

– Being entitled to all benefits and rights statutorily.
– Being entitled to compensation & benefits package that merit professional competence and work efficiency.
– Working in a friendly and highly-united environment.
– Pay: negotiated under competence
• Please send your CV in Vietnamese version (English version), with passport photograph and noted with working period (projects and work they took over).
• The copy of bachelor’s degree or other diplomas.
• Other relevant documents.
Candidates can apply via email:  or at the Company’s office: Floor 10, Lotus Building, No. 2, Duy Tan Street, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

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