The logo is a stylized image of a modern city with skyscrapers glowing in the sunlight representing the Company’s main business scope of construction. Inside each building, there are yellow windows representing warmth as well as the golden quality of projects that Hop Luc wishes to bring to customers and partners.

The red sun behind buildings shows the brilliant development, hopes of luck that Hop Luc will get in the future.

Letters in the logo are presented in a strong and simple san-serif font and English format representing the international properties but still being close and easily identifiable with all people.

The logo use red and yellow as major identification colors. This combination is according to belief of Feng Shui Xiang Sheng: Fire (red) melts Metals (Yellow) to bring lucks to the owner. Besides, in the oriental beliefs, red and yellow are colors representing the development, proliferation and prosperity of the Company.

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