1. Construction and completion of civil and industrial projects

For the last few years, domestic economy has always achieved continuous growing steps and urbanization has happened day by day, therefore, demand for infrastructure, solid and semi-solid housing has been increasing as well. Constructing and finishing Civil and Industrial projects is one of Hop Luc vital working fields. Our company believes that with years of experience in the field of design, organization, supervision, management of construction as well as civil and industrial project, Hop Luc will always be your prestige choice.

Typical Projects:

Luxshare-ICT (Vietnam) Factory Project:

  • Project Scale: Area of land: 140,000 m2; including 4 Workshops of 10,000 m2/workshop; 1 Warehouse of 10,000 m2; 1 Canteen of 9,000 m2; 1 Utility building of 2,500 m2; 1 two-floor Garage with an area of 4.430m2/floor; 1 two-story Office building with an area of 1.000 m2/floor; 1 3-floor Building of Research and Development Center No. 1 with an area of 4.640 m2/floor; 1 5-floor Building of Research and Development Center No. 2 of 3,200 m2/floor; together with the whole system of technical infrastructure, landscape, football pitch, …
  • Location: Lot E, Quang Chau Industrial Zone, Viet Yen District, Bac Giang Province
  • Investor:  Luxshare – ICT (Vietnam) Limited – Subsidiary company of Luxshare Precision Industry Co., Ltd.,  1 of top 6 Chinese corporations of manufacturing electric components
  • Work: General contractor of Design and Build
  • Contract value: VND 465 billion
  • Construction period: 07 months
  • Commencement date: October 2016

Vietpower Factory Project

  • Project Scale: Area of land 100,000 m2 – Construction area: 45,230 m2 – Total floor area: 89,658 m2
  • Location: Hai Tan Commune, Hai Hau District, Nam Dinh Province
  • Investor:  Vietory Company Limited
  • Work: General contractor of Design and Build (including consulting, finding located investment and supporting land rental procedures)
  • Contract value: VND 330 billion for stage 1
  • Construction period: 08 months
  • Commencement date: January 2017

Ha Tinh University Administration Building Project

  • Project Scale: 15 floors
  • Location: Cam Xuyen – Ha Tinh
  • Investor:  Ha Tinh University
  • Work: Main contractor
  • Contract value: VND 108.5 billion
  • Construction period:: 15 months
  • Commencement date: November 2016

2. Infrastructure construction of industrial and urban zone

Industrial and urban zone forms and develops along with transforming life, opening economy of the country and building a breakout model attracting investment and enhancing economic growth. Therefore, Hop Luc determines that building infrastructure of industrial and urban zone has long-term developing potential, and is one of main business activities, while Hop Luc participates directly in that growing process.

Typical projects:

Tay Ho Tay New Town Project (StarLake)

  • Project Scale: 207ha
  • Location: Cau Giay District-Tay Ho District- Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi City
  • Investor: Daewoo E&C
  • Work: Hop Luc Join-Stock Construction Company is 1 of 3 contractors (and is only Vietnamese contractor) constructing the whole infrastructure system of the project.
  • Contract value: VND 200 billion
  • Construction period: 24 months
  • Commencement date: October 2014

Gamuda City Project

  • Scale: 500ha
  • Location: Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City
  • Investor: Gamuda Land Vietnam LLC
  • Work: Main contractor constructing the whole infrastructure system of Festive Retail Zone.
  • Construction period: 06 months
  • Commencement date: April 2015


  1. Construction of Wastewater treatment works

In order to improve the awareness of environmental protection, avoid administrative violations penalty in accordance with provisions of laws, units, enterprises and residential groups always have the need to invest in an integrated wastewater treatment system with technologies appropriate to wastewater input and the degree of wastewater treatment for output. Therefore, it’s extremely necessary to find a professional unit of wastewater treatment works to support, consult, design and execute qualified wastewater treatment works. With our years of experiences in the field, Hop Luc commits to bring customers fundamental construction methods to meet wastewater treatment standards according to Customer’s need and minimize investment expenses.

Typical projects:

Sewage treatment tank – Samsung Bac Ninh Project

  • Project Scale: Area: 3.600m2 – Depth: 11m
  • Location: Yen Phong I Industrial Zone, Yen Phong District, Bac Ninh Province
  • Main Contractor: Samsung C&T.
  • Scope of work: Construction of the entire underground tank and operating house
  • Construction period: 08 months.
  • Commencement date: July 2015

Wastewater treatment system at Zone A2 – Gamuda City Project

  • Project Scale: Zone A2 of Gamuda City Project with total area of 500 ha.
  • Location: Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City.
  • Investor: Gamuda Land Vietnam LLC.
  • Scope of work: Construction – Installation – Testing & Commissioning.
  • Construction period: 05 months.
  • Commencement date: April 2015
  1. Construction of irrigation and traffic works

Hop Luc construction Joint Stock Company has over 7 years of continuous experience in executing projects of traffic works using the State capital and large projects across the country.

Typical projects:

Quy Chau Road

  • Location: Quy Chau District, Nghe An Province
  • Scope of work: Construction of road and bridge

Huong Lam – Mai Dinh Road

  • Location: Bac Giang Province
  • Scope of work: Main Contractor

National Highway 4D segment crossing Ngai La Thau

  • Location: Ha Giang Province
  • Scope of work: Main Contractor

Nam Phong– Muong Bang Road

  • Location: Son La Province
  • Scope of work: Main Contractor
  1. Consultancy, design and supervision of civil and industrial construction works, traffic works, irrigation and electro-mechanical works

With the target of becoming a leading Design and Build Contractor in the country, Hop Luc Construction Joint Stock Company has been attracting high-quality personnel in the field of Design and Construction Supervision. Accordingly, most of works we are executing was designed by the Company’s Design Team and we got appreciation from investors as well as professionals for them.

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