Employee Policy


The present success of Hop Luc comes from the significant contributions of the Company's staff. Hop Luc understands that the core value of a business is the quality of human resource, "enough morality, enough qualification". Therefore, the company pays great attention to remuneration policy as well as cares about Hop Luc family member’s lives with the motto of giving each member a life of "full of material and rich in spirit".

Hop Luc develops human resource through regular training programs:

  • Training new graduates to be suitable for work capacity and personal development.
  • Fostering adjacent leadership team
  • Retraining according to each specialization associated with the regulation on the time rotation between working positions.

Hop Luc's remuneration policy is based on the following criteria:

  • Corresponding with working result and contribution to the Company
  • Competition in the market
  • Encouraging to increase working result and quality
  • Fair and transparent.

Hop Luc’s remuneration and benefit system includes


  • Salary Title;
  • 13th month salary;
  • Allowances for specific job positions;
  • The regime for salary increase is associated with the company's working efficiency and performance.


  • Rewarding on Tet and other important days
  • Rewarding regularly and irregularly for individual or collective achievements;
  • Rewarding for technical and business performance improvement ideas.


  • Social, Health and Unemployment Insurance in accordance with the state regulations;

Other Benefits

  • Subsidizing for special events of employees;
  • Lunch allowance;
  • Annual domestic and foreign tourism programs;