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We believe association between Hop Luc and Customers is honesty and trustworthiness

Originating from a construction consulting firm, HopLuc has quickly grown and developed to become a leading Design and Build (D&B) general contractor in Vietnam's construction industry.

HopLuc has set footprints across the country from North to South, with countless projects completed with all power and mind of HopLuc's people who are always filled with determination and ambition.

After more than a decade of establishment and development, we have constantly improved our competitive advantages in terms of price, progress, quality and reputation to satisfy all requirements of potential Investors. With our strong financial potential, extensive design and construction experience accumulated through hundreds of large and small projects, along with professional, responsible, enthusiastic and young staff members, HopLuc strives to create additional values for the customers and partners' projects, and at the same time, contributes to a prosperous community and society by building constructions that stand the test of time.


HopLuc Construction Joint Stock Company is gradually realizing the goal of becoming the leading professional EPC Contractor in Vietnam. Our efforts are geared towards multi-industry and multi-field development, in which the construction sector is the mainstay creating a sustainable development position for the entire system.


  • Providing customers with diverse solutions and services in the field of design and construction based on the following criteria: quality, progress, safety and cost-efficiency
  • Always respecting employees as the most valuable asset, building a professional, dynamic and humane working environment with superior welfare policies and equal career opportunities for all managers and employees
  • Sharing social responsibility with the community, contributing to promoting the country’s socio-economic development.


SAFETY: With the motto "The beginning from a strong foundation", we are committed to creating a safe working environment for our employees, partners, customers and society.

QUALITY: “Providing quality, receiving trust” - We understand that customer satisfaction is the most accurate measure for the quality of products and services we provide.

HONESTY: Honesty in actions, integrity in statements, transparency in finances to inspire trust in employees, partners and customers.

DEDICATION: Dedication to work, thorough understanding of customers’ needs and devotion to the company, these are the guiding lights that lead the actions of our Board of Leadership, as well as managers and employees of the company

COMMITMENT: HopLuc is committed to maximizing benefits for customers by implementing construction projects with the following merits: Right Quality - On Schedule - Right Quantity - Right Value - Right Standard - Right Origin - Right Measures

HopLuc engages in fields of design consulting and construction with the main activities: 

1. Construction and completion of civil and industrial projects.
2. Infrastructure construction of industrial and urban zone.
3. Construction of irrigation and traffic works.
4. Construction of Wastewater treatment works.
5. Consultancy, design and supervision of civil and industrial construction works, traffic works, irrigation and electro-mechanical works.

Key Persons

Key persons of Hop Luc Co., has pioneer attitude of the ongoing development. Internally, they are recognized as the inspiration and courage source toward their employees. Together with the effort of all, Hop Luc Co., have overcome difficulties and challenges to gain the increasing grow-up.

Portrait of heart working people who the captain of Hop Luc boat conquering the construction industry in Vietnam.







Hop Luc Sharing Co., is raised by prestige experts having wide and deep knowledge, exexperience of many years in construction industry. Started up with only 10 people, currently, Hop Luc is the family of 350 well-qualified employees. They are working with the combination of passion oriention, high working qualification and good attitude of business and private life.

  • Project manager: 18
  • Construction engineer/Site engineer: 232
  • Design staff: 50
  • Staff in HO division (planning, accountant, admin…): 40
  • Other staffs: 10

Operational Capacity

As a company developed on the foundation of large corporations’ growth and maturity, we have potentials to grow with unique and prominent advantages.

  • Hop Luc Construction Joint Stock Company inherits a highly experienced and qualified management apparatus with high adaptability to market changes.
  • The Company has built a team of nearly 750 staff who are highly experienced and qualified in various fields.
  • The Company cooperates with leading experts of research institutes and scientific centers of universities as well as large construction companies across the country.
  • With modern construction equipment systems, we satisfy all needs of customers in large construction projects.

From the beginning with only 10 employees, Hop Luc now is a housse of  more than 750 high-quality staff. They are intellectual people with ethics in business and life, rich in passion and solid expertise.


Together with highly qualified staff, stable financial resources and scientific financial plans are the basis to ensure that Hop Luc's activities always achieve the best results.




HopLuc Mechanical and Electrical Joint Stock Company: Consults, designs, constructs and supervises the systems: Grid system and substations, electrodynamics, extra-low voltage, and control voltage; Chiller system, Clean room, Air conditioning; Installs engine rooms and large pipelines; Fire protection, infrastructure and indoor drainage systems, water treatment systems including industrial wastewater and domestic wastewater.

HopLuc Plating Technology Joint Stock Company: Specializes in plating metal and non-metallic products.

CAPPLUS Joint Stock Company: Design, supply and installation of furniture

HL Windows Joint Stock Company: Specializes in manufacturing metal components, aluminum and glass, glass walls and supplementary  ventilation systems for the power industry.

Thai An Construction And Investment Joint Stock Company: Designs and builds technical infrastructure, industrial park infrastructure, urban area infrastructure, traffic works and environmental protection works.



Clients And Partners

Years by years, Hop Luc Co., have proudly gained noteworthy achievements of constructions along Vietnam region. Outstanding in all is the recognition of superior quality, duration commitment from investors. Thus, investors get more the advantages of long-term finance and commerce exploit.

We trust our success is based on satisfaction of all clients and partners. We are proud to be accompanied with many big and well-known clients and partners in the past and from now on. We bring trust and sustainable value to you.