Established and developed for over 10 years, Hop Luc Co., always attached to consistent objectives of being the top construction and civil work industry and the big investor to infrastructure and new urban residence – housing with the massive capability and long-termed planning vision.

Hop Luc Co., being advantageous from huge financial capability and secure experience always make the effort to move forward in order to bring a perfect “home and future” to customers. For a longer future, our dreams is enhancing position on Vietnam real estate map step-by-step, as well as keep the steady trust in heart of customers and partners.

Main strengths of Hop Luc Co., are designing and building industrial and civil construction, especially spearhead of factory, housing and road system… Over past few years, Hop Luc Co., have been executing hundreds of well-qualified and safe-guaranteed to user construction along Vietnam.


Over past few years, Hop Luc has been executing hundreds of different projects national-wide with high quality, high aesthetics, fast pace and absolute safety insurance.


We’re everywhere

Hop Luc Construction Join-stock Company is a construction company with numerous experiences in managing and guiding business and production, attracting investment, extending corporation with domestic and foreign enterprises.

Being established in April, 2009 with core staffs of MAs, engineers, architects and BAs grown-up from top-ranking construction companies in Vietnam, for years, the Company has achieved a stable revenue growth rate at high level and signed a number of big and small projects in the whole country.

Variety in business activity

Strength of Hop Luc is civil and industrial design –execution with key projects like factory, civil housing, infrastructure, etc.

Especially, Hop Luc has become a Design and Build (D&B) general contractor gaining trust from foreign investors to hold general contractor’s position of projects valued up to 500 billion VND. Meanwhile, the Company has actively diversified into other sectors in order to raise trust from customers with long-term values.

Work philosophy

We believe association between Hop Luc and its Customers is honesty and trustworthiness.

Our management staffs have experienced in their working profession for years and always worked hardly to satisfy Customer.

Sustainable foundation

Being a unit built on basis of development and grown-up from big corporations, Hop Luc is not solely a title.

The Company has inherited a system of experienced management, capable officials, technical workers and financial source, which is stated by stable development in recent time.


Acknowledged as the top of construction unit and contractor, Hop Luc Co., mightily spread out to entire of provinces nationwide thanks to the sustainable development strategy in accordance with range of competencies. Hop Luc Co., understands our prestige and prosper is contributed from these factors below:

Advantageous site

Massive financial capability

Dedicate and experienced employees


Business philosophy of Hop Luc Co., is developing the connection of strategic partnership. By this way, Hop Luc Co., determines certainly the long termed vision is toward the powerful brand, sustainable development and benefit attachment of Hop Luc Co., community and society.

Beside, desiring to become the big investors in real estate,Hop Luc Co., will provide the own brand products with perfect living space, modern architecture, superior quality, proper price… The own brand product is designed and developed in accordance with targets to meet the customer’s demand,contributing to the change of national architecture big picture and to the community development.