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We believe association between Hop Luc and Customers is honesty and trustworthiness

Over 10 years of establishment and development, Hop Luc.,JSC has been always steadfastd with the objective of bringing top services in the field of construction and has now become a big investor in infrastructure and new urban residence – housing, with a great capability and long-termed planning vision.

Having advantages from huge financial capability and strong experience, Hop Luc.,JSC always makes efforts to move forward in order to bring a perfect “home and future” to customers, to step-by-step enhance our position on Vietnam real estate map as well as to keep a steady trust in heart of customers and partners.

Hop Luc's main strength is "design and build" in the fied industrial and civil construction with spearhead of factory, housing and road system… Over past few years, Hop Luc.,JSC has been executing hundreds of well-qualified and safe-guaranteed construction to users along Vietnam.


Becoming a leading contractor and construction unit, Hop Luc has reached out to all provinces and cities across the country through a sustainable development strategy based on a series of competitive advantages to develop Hop Luc  brand becoming steady and famous.

  • Professional management system
  • Strong financial resources
  • Experienced and enthusiastic staff


  • Responsibility: To us, this is not a burden, it is the thing we would like to impart extensively into enterprise culture to ,make it become a part of our cooperating process with Customers and Partners.
  • Commitment: Always bringing the best products with optimal service quality to Customers and Partners.
  • Renovation: Always working creatively to follow up new ideas that are capable of changing themselves, motivating development to catch up with economic trend.
  • Honesty: Being honest in actions and words, transparent at work and finance to gain trust from Customers and Partners.

HopLuc engages in fields of design consulting and construction with the main activities: 

1. Construction and completion of civil and industrial projects.
2. Infrastructure construction of industrial and urban zone.
3. Construction of irrigation and traffic works.
4. Construction of Wastewater treatment works.
5. Consultancy, design and supervision of civil and industrial construction works, traffic works, irrigation and electro-mechanical works.

Key Persons

Key persons of Hop Luc Co., has pioneer attitude of the ongoing development. Internally, they are recognized as the inspiration and courage source toward their employees. Together with the effort of all, Hop Luc Co., have overcome difficulties and challenges to gain the increasing grow-up.

Portrait of heart working people who the captain of Hop Luc boat conquering the construction industry in Vietnam.








Hop Luc Sharing Co., is raised by prestige experts having wide and deep knowledge, exexperience of many years in construction industry. Started up with only 10 people, currently, Hop Luc is the family of 206 well-qualified employees. They are working with the combination of passion oriention, high working qualification and good attitude of business and private life.

  • Project manager: 18
  • Construction engineer/Site engineer: 232
  • Design staff: 50
  • Staff in HO division (planning, accountant, admin…): 40
  • Other staffs: 10

Operational Capacity

As a company developed on the foundation of large corporations’ growth and maturity, we have potentials to grow with unique and prominent advantages.

  • Hop Luc Construction Joint Stock Company inherits a highly experienced and qualified management apparatus with high adaptability to market changes.
  • The Company has built a team of nearly 408 staff who are highly experienced and qualified in various fields.
  • The Company cooperates with leading experts of research institutes and scientific centers of universities as well as large construction companies across the country.
  • With modern construction equipment systems, we satisfy all needs of customers in large construction projects.

From the beginning with only 10 employees, Hop Luc now is a housse of  494 high-quality staff. They are intellectual people with ethics in business and life, rich in passion and solid expertise. Including:

  • Master degree: 15
  • University degree: 372
  • College degree: 60
  • Intermediate degree: 47

During the past years, the company has built reputation with domestic and foreign investors through the successful implementation of hundreds of projects across the country. Regulations on professional quality, aesthetics, labor safety and construction schedule are stricly complied for each project.


Together with highly qualified staff, stable financial resources and scientific financial plans are the basis to ensure that Hop Luc's activities always achieve the best results.





1. ISO 9001: 2015 Certification of Quality Management Systems

2. ISO 14001: 2015 Certification of Environmental Management Systems

3. ISO 45001:2018 Certification of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

4. Certificate of Construction Activity Capability issued by Vietnam's Ministry of Construction.

Construction works


Industrial Works

Class I

Transport Works

Class I

Civil Works

Class II

Infrastructure Works

Class II

Irrigation Works

Class III

Design, verification of construction design

Industrial Works

Class I

Clients And Partners

Years by years, Hop Luc Co., have proudly gained noteworthy achievements of constructions along Vietnam region. Outstanding in all is the recognition of superior quality, duration commitment from investors. Thus, investors get more the advantages of long-term finance and commerce exploit.

We trust our success is based on satisfaction of all clients and partners. We are proud to be accompanied with many big and well-known clients and partners in the past and from now on. We bring trust and sustainable value to you.